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New 2-Hour Special Coming To History Channel


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Guest wood4004

I just found this on Itunes. Some how missed it on the History channel. I found that they did a good job in balancing the investigators, though I do not agree with all of them. The "theories" presented were thought provoking, but I can't buy all of them. I see Sasquatch as a member of the animal kingdom separate from humankind. Each species we have on this planet is distinct in its own way. Sorry, I don't buy the "Theory of Evolution," either. Someday, hopefully soon, Sasquatch will be a known species and science will embrace what many have known for years. In looking at the show, the Russians shot a wild man in the 1920's, where are the remains? I would think that this would be something they would have kept and studied. I found that I learned the most from the segments with Ian Redmond and Dr. Meldrum. Overall for a person that has no experience on the subject the show gives a lot of information to look at, but for the more experienced, you can see where it muddy's the waters. :(

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