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Conspiracy Theory And Bigfoot

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Too many people think government is obligated to tell all.  I work in government, and no we don't think that.  The Jack Nicholson Reason is why; and believe me we know.  You all out there CAN'T handle the truth; and we see that numerous times per hour.  It is most def all over these Forums.


I'd invite anyone who doesn't get this to actually think about it a bit.  Just how would they "tell" us; and what do you think the reaction would be?


Trust me.  NO reason exists to do it.  So government won't.  This is up to a scientific community that is unjustifiably sitting on its hands.

DWA, what is your career in government? My first job was with the Forest Service as a park designer.

Yesterday, I spoke with an OSU graduate and Oregon Fish and Wildlife employee, and he was totally ignorant of facts and reports involving BF. His professors are hampered by the ridicule factor greatly imho.

There are many levels of government where BF might be of concern, such as the Forest Service or the BLM. The top levels can easily keep the lower levels in the dark and hamper any efforts to uncover the truth about BF. If BF has anything to do with national security, then the Forest Service top levels may not be in the loop.

My theory is the top levels know about bigfoot, yet they have reason and methods to hamper any research efforts to bring forward proof. Ridicule and policies can hamper low level biologist from looking into the mystery. What are possible reasons for hampering BF research?

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I find it extremely hard to believe the government has info on Sasquatch or any creature of the sort.  There is no credible reason for them to hide it, they certainly are not actively looking for it, and in today's day in age government leaks are everywhere in the media...if they had something we would know.  

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