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How close would you get?

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Here you go:




It was also covered extensively in The Track Record as well. The TR also had a lot more detail and the incident was discussed in mulitple editions.


Another one for you:



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On 10/3/2020 at 6:13 AM, Atlfalcon08 said:

I'd love to hear or read that account of seeing one while on a train, never heard of that before. 


I know I saw a bear cover 50 feet like it was nothing going after a hunter that stumble into him. The hunter first shot didn't stop him and his second the bear was within 10 feet when it fell.

There is a section of track along the Columbia River,   I am not sure if it is the Oregon or Washington side where bigfoot sightings are supposed to be common.   I guess BF feels comfortable showing themselves there because the trains never stop like a car would.   I-84 East of Portland, at mile marker 27 has a lot of sightings too.    Some conjecture that BF swim the Columbia there because it is the narrowest place in the area.  

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While I'm not so sure just how close I'd want to get to one or more, as a life long musician,  born to make noise, i d love to interact with them sonically, through progressive mimicry, with increasingly complex sequences of sounds. I'm not sure about a percussive side, as I don't know to what degree meaning is transmitted through their various patterns of wood knocks, and like call blasting, "if you dont know what you're saying....don't yell it!". But I've always dreamed of an " odd noises in chains"  sorta interaction.

As was said earlier, running into a big male in relatively close quarters would freak me the F@#k out. I had a scary incident as zookeeper with a very quiet and very sneaky big ass polar bear, where I turned around with my face about 1' from its white bear belly, with a chain link fence inbetween, but at that proximity, my brain wasn't seeing the fence, my primal self saw fur. I looked STRAIGHT up to see the front half of the bear with its paws in a "hands up" position on the top of the fence,  as it looked down at me with a "if it weren't for this fence, little monkey..." ( Ok, in hindsight it might have just been "Gotcha! You should see yer face, pinky!" )I just about fell over dead right there! 

but if it were a graduated approach that didn't seem rife with hostility, I could see getting fairly close to a smaller to mid sized sasquatch, if my legs still worked......and they made neat noises! 

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