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Flashlight recommendations?


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7 hours ago, taliaoutdoor said:

Hi I am choosing between KLARUS XT11GT Pro 2200 Lumens and Olight Warrior X 3 2500 lumen as a Christmas gift, both now on Christmas sale, price is similar. (The point is with Warrior X 3, I can get extra white and red smaller flashlight and I like the beautiful color). They mentioned the Olight X pro as a comparison, so I think the  Warrior X 3 is upgraded from the Olight Warrior X Pro which you were using before. I would like to know the reason you change over to Kalrus? As @Northwind said all the options so danged time consuming. I suppose you did a lot of research. Hope get some suggestions from you. Thank you.


The Klarus will generally have a longer runtime on the highest setting.  The Olight will put out a scalding white light for a short time… but, if you are using it for woods use, then you are going to need a spare battery. Some of the Olights can use other brand button too batteries, but some only seem to work with the proprietary Olight battery.  I think that the Olight can run off a standard 21700 battery, but you won’t be able to use the magnetic charging with the standard battery.  The magnetic charging is also head and shoulders above the USB charging on the Klarus.


That being said, I would probably go with the Olight bundle. The Klarus XT11 has been out for a few years, while that Olight is latest generation.  Olight’s customer service is better than Klarus, and the smaller i5R flashlight is amazing.  I still carry the previous generation i5R on my chest rig.  



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