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New to the forum.  I've never had an actual sighting but have experienced a few very unusual sounds, strange odors and tracks mostly in Ouchita mountains of eastern Oklahoma and the Smokey mountains of south east Tennessee.  Hoping to find others' encounters around the midwest.

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Hi I'm Aaron from Woodville Texas. We've never had a direct encounter but we've heard some weird stuff in the woods and have seen a lot of evidence from people I respect. Looking forward to learning.

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Hi my name is Gary and I live in Canada in a rural community and I am interested in discovering the truth about what is out in the woods behind my place.  Have had some odd occurrences of late and really am just trying to see what other people have noticed in their areas.  have been injured as of late as well so I have a lot of extra time on my hands to investigate. Only have one hand due to recent injury so typing isn't yet my strongest so I will keep it short and apologies for the run on sentences.

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