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Hi !  I am from Quebec in Canada. I speak French so excuse my English I have to use Google translation.  I have been interested in sasquatch since I was very young, unfortunately in Quebec there are not many reports about bigfoot

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Hello from Denver all ! I am optimistically skeptical, I am very interested in the discovery of new flora and fauna.

I would love to see light shed on the wood ape mystery. My father got me into the mystery of Sasquatch and is a firm believer.

I’ve seen a ton videos and pictures read allot and listened to a ton discussions about the subject tbrc ,Nawac have repeatedly said 

if you want to know and learn more and you want to be involved then this is the place I need to be so here I am.


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Hello bigfooters. I live in the northeastern California area of lassen county. I have a friend that is a bigfoot believer as well. We plan some outings for some bigfoot scouting. I love the outdoors and here in lassen, and plumas county right next door, we have a lot of areas to search. I have had 2 encounters relating to bigfoot. I will post those in the appropriate place. Thanks for having me. Good luck all!

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Hello everyone,


I’m Phillip from Texas and I have always had a fascination with Bigfoot and cryptozoology in general. There is so much about our world that we don’t know about, and I’m interested in keeping an open mind while exploring the possibilities that may be out there.

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Hello from Washington State.

Moved from UK in 2006. Find the subject of Bigfoot / Sasquatch fascinating - especially as now in its reported backyard.

Hear that many people have experienced something that they cannot explain.

Would like to attend an expedition.

Listener to some of the Bigfoot podcasts.

Always like to feed my curiosity.

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I think my original introduction got lost, I haven't seen it yet anyway.  


I'm interested in learning more about sasquatch, behaviors, information about what they are, and things others have learned from their own experiences and knowledge.  Looking forward to learning more.  

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On 11/6/2021 at 2:15 PM, Sudonim said:

Howdy, I'm based in Sacramento, California and try to get out to the Sierras when I can. I've heard a couple wood knocks but have never seen one of the big guys. I grew up with Finding Bigfoot and have in the past year or so gotten back into researching and have heard a lot of good things about the BFF. Hoping I can get some tips on where and what to look for.

I’m in Sacramento as well! 

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